Real Progressives Don’t Vote Trump

Real Progressives Don't Vote TrumpI’m having a hard time wrapping my head around people who call themselves “progressive” (or liberal or moderate)* saying that if their preferred candidate doesn’t win the Democratic nomination then they will stay home come November – or even worse, that they would vote for Trump.

The truth is that whether you are all in for Hillary or burning for Bernie, these two candidates are in agreement on most issues or are pretty close (or close enough). Either Bernie or Hillary are light years ahead of Dangerous Donald on all the issues that I can think of and both would do their best to implement a progressive agenda. Close your eyes and just imagine would Dangerous Donald would do in the White House – truly scary.

Even more important, if the Congress were to stay in GOP hands, we would need Hillary or Bernie in the White House to play defense as the GOPers try to roll back the Affordable Care Act, take away LGBT protections, make cuts to Social Security and Medicare, give tax cuts to the rich while increase taxes on the rest of us, and possibly begin new wars of choice putting us all in harms way.

So if you are a Hillary supporter who says you could never vote for Bernie or a Bernie supporter who says you could never vote for Hillary in November, you cannot call yourself a progressive, a liberal, or a Democrat. Dangerous Donald must be stopped and all goodhearted citizens must get to the polls and vote to stop him.

As is my wont, I created the graphic above to put all my thinking on this into a simple message. Please feel free to share it far and wide.


* Or anyone for that matter.

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